Updated public leaderboard

Hello EEV Challenge participants, you may have noticed that the correlation values on the public leaderboard changed slightly. This is due to two changes:

  1. We re-ran all the submissions with the updated list of unavailable test video IDs. This had a small change to correlation but did not change the ranking on the public or private leaderboard.
  2. We re-ran all submissions on the public leaderboard with a consistent test subset. Previously, the test subset had not been consistently selected. This had no effect on the private leaderboard.

With ~1 week left in the challenge, one important tip is that the public leaderboard contains approximately half the test videos and the private leaderboard contains the full test set. It is important not to overfit to the public leaderboard results!

Please email auvi.workshop@gmail.com if you have any additional questions. Thanks all and looking forward to meeting the top 3 participants at the workshop!