Update of "LogLoss" Score on Leader board

Hello all
I am wondering how it is decided whether to update a teams top Log Loss score or not.
The Log Loss we have on the leader board (and click on the “View” icon) is not the best log loss that we have been provided with within our “Issues”. Do we have to improve by a certain amount for it to be counted and updated?


Hi @sweenke4,

Can you share which submission ID has performed better then the leaderboard one as per you?

Hello, as this was 4 days ago we have since improved our score so this issue seems to have sorted itself.
I am unable to remember the actual values. However, I do recall that the log loss provided to us in our submission was about (guessing) 0.006 better than that on the leaderboard at the time.

hi @shivam, my team is having the same problem as well, our submission ID with the best score record is #28678, however leaderboard shows the result of ID #27847. Can you check for us? Thanks