Up to two or five submissions per week?

Are submissions limited to two per week for the entire duration of the competition?
Or is the limit of two submissions the initial one or two week limit and then up to five?

The Rules page includes the following statement:

A Team may make only five submission per task per 7-day period. If a Team makes more than five submission per task per 7-day period, only the first five submission per task will be evaluated.

The Overview page includes the following statements:

  • Each team will be able to make up to 2 submissions per week for each track in tracks 1-4, and 1 Track 5 all-around submissions per week.

(March 25th, 2024) Finally, after an arduous testing, we are ready to receive GPU submission to Tracks 1-5! As a warmup period, in the first 1-2 weeks, we would apply a tight submission limit.

  • For Tracks 1-4, each team can make 2 submissions per week per track.
  • For Track 5 All-around, each team can make 1 submission per week.

Should be two per week. The ‘Overview’ page is correct.

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