Unable to orchestrate submission, please contact Administrators

I got this error after program kept running for a day …Anybody knows the error… Thnaks?

Hi, sorry for wrong error message in this case. Your submission timed out i.e. >8 hours due to which it was terminated.

It can happen due to multiple reasons:

  1. Code is too slow
  2. Code needs GPU while GPU wasn’t requested in aicrowd.json
  3. GPU was requested and provided, but your code isn’t able to utilise the same, either due to code issue or package issue.

In case you can identify one of the reason for your case, you can submit your code again with fix. Otherwise, you can share submission ID which you would like us to look into. We can help you in debug and share what went wrong.

Hi Shivam,
This is the ticket number #59996 … But there is also another point to notice that i dont see any progress bar while its being run so i think timeout could be the problem here …