Troubles with submitting starter kit as is

I tried to send a sample submission following

The container and evaluation worked fine locally but I still got failed label on evaluation step.
My submission tag submission-v0.1 also seems correct.

I tagged @aicrowd-bot in the corresponding issue as instructed to get the debug output.
But is still seems odd to me: is it a common issue or I made a mistake somewhere?

@mohanty could you please look into this?

@rauf_kurbanov : We noticed a small bug at our end, but have requeued your submission after fixing the bug.

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Hello @mohanty
I tried the recent kit 4dace04.
Apart from some file location changes, I can run it successfully with mpi3d_toy data on my computer.
However, I got ‘failed’ label as rauf_kurbanov.
I’ve tagged @aicrowd-bot in the issue, but haven’t got any reply yet.
Would you plase help me check if it is my mistake or something common? And would you please provide more information on how to debug in the AIcrowd platform?