Training has not started

Hi, in submition #76935 evaluation failed but I do not see reason why that happened. No logs from evaluation. Could you help me with that?

Hello @nowpawel96

The evaluation didn’t start due to a network issue. This submission will be queued for re-evaluation.

Could you also look into [#77026] [#76937] [#76935]. They end quite fast with error:
WARNING – A worker died or was killed while executing task ffffffffffff

Locally that error does not occur.

@jyotish Do you have answear to question I posted?

Hello @nowpawel96

It’s not an error. All the three submissions you mentioned evaluated successfully. As you might have noticed, they were submitted as “debug” submissions. In debug mode, we limit the trianing to 3000 timesteps and run rollouts for 5 episodes. This mode exists for you to make sure that your code runs as expected during the evaluation with a faster feedback (a full submission can take 1-3 hours while the debug submissions takes a few minutes).

Please set "debug": false in your aicrowd.json file for a full evaluation.