Townhall Presentations

Just got an email about the townhall and top presentations. Did any of the top folks on the leaderboard get intimation to prepare presentations for the townhall?

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Hey @regal_saint,

To confirm: The presentations by participants do not have anything to do with their leaderboard performance, and are not an indicator of anything with regards to the final scores. :smile:

The participants giving talks are generally those who have been active in the community during the course of the challenge and have contributed to the community!

Their talks would serve as platforms for the community to discuss interesting stuff around the challenge and stir up new ideas :sparkles:

The Town Hall is an open forum for the whole community and we welcome more participants giving talks! :raised_hands: Just DM me and we can take it forward from there.

We will share the current list of speakers for the Town Hall in some time.



Hi, will a recording be available for the townhall for folks in apac who couldn’t attend so late in the night?


The recording is up!


@Johnowhitaker thank you for the mention and the great talk, I missed the talk and joined at the end due to weekendz :slight_smile:


Ah right - congrats on that BTW!!

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hehe thanks you did great :slight_smile:

@Johnowhitaker and @michael_bordeleau are amazing. I have no doubt that you guys will get the community prizes.