📹 Town Hall Recording | Participant Presentations

Dear all,

We concluded the Music Demixing Challenge Town Hall recently. A number of community members joined in to discuss approaches to the problem and share their insights with everyone.:sparkles:

Dive right in! :point_down:

Links from the Town Hall
ByteMSS code Link
Kuie team presentation Link
@sevagh’s code Link
Ask questions to @defossez Link
From Kazane team on differentiable MWF package Link

Thanks for the archive!
My zoom crashed at the beginning, so I actually didn’t know what’s going on when I returned. :joy: Also feel sorry for my mic issues. :pray:
Anyway, thanks everyone for listening our presentation. I really enjoyed this event especially with so many excellent participants and informative talks, which makes me look forward to the ISMIR workshop.

BTW, I have made our training code public on github. If you’re interesting in our model, feel free to give it a try!