There is a bug in the leaderboard

The lower score has a higher rank

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Any body here???

@jozerozero: We have rolled out the leaderboard computation as described in the rules : The rank of a submission is the average rank of the said submission across all metrics. We are looking closely to ensure that there are no obvious bugs there, and thanks for pointing out this entry, we will review the code again, and get back to you soon.
@arjun_nemani is the point person on this one.

We will also make an official announcement once this has been properly reviewed.


Hey! @jozerozero,

The leaderboard is more stable now! (Lets call it V2)
If you happen find any more issues, please let me know.

Clicking on the view button on the leaderboard will allow you to see your ranks across the scores.

Arjun Nemani


Also, for reference : [Announcement] Leaderboard Computation

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