The submissions are not getting locked

I’m unable to lock my submission. The deadline is today, Kindly look into it asap.

Hi, we are looking into this asap

The deadline is today at 12. Please,

Hi @tahir_javed_cs20d407,

Can you please try locking your submission now. Do let us know if you face any issue.

It’s still not working. I’m facing the same problem in youtube assignment as well

Yes, I am facing the same in all 3 assignments.

Hi, Can you please share the link of the page where you’re facing the issue. Thanks!

This page

And this page "

And this "


The links are the same as stated by Utsav. However for grid world, my submission is locked but for other two it’s not getting locked

Hi @tahir_javed_cs20d407 @utsav_dey_cs20s009

Can you please check if you’re able to lock your submissions now.

No This is still not working

What is the error that you’re getting?

I don’t get any error as such. When I click lock, It shows submission received and when i go to that page again, I don’t see any submission locked there.

However In grid problem, I could clearly see my submission id mentioned there.

The issue still persists. It seems like the database is not getting updated , for all three. People who have done it earlier have it fine.

Hi @tahir_javed_cs20d407 @utsav_dey_cs20s009 ,

The problem is resolved now. Please update your locked submissions. Do let me know if you face any issue.

Let me check ,I’ll confirm.

Yeah it got locked , thanks for your prompt response.

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