The release date of the ranking

Hi, I would like to know the release date of the ranking.


Is there anyone who received a aicrowd message like, “Congratulations! You made your first submission and secured 1st place in the MICCAI 2021: HECKTOR leaderboard.”?

Hi, @vandrearczyk
When will the ranking be released?

Maybe bugs, I think many of us have received that message (include me).

me too, I would like to know the release date of the ranking

when??!!. please say

We released the results yesterday at the MICCAI event. We are facing small issues for the leaderboard of task 1 on aicrowd. Here is a link to the ranking in a csv file:
The leaderboard is now open for tasks 2 and 3.

Hi, @vandrearczyk
For task 1, What is the calculation method of ranking? I’m a little confused.

We rank your submissions using DSC and HD, keep the best, then rank across teams.
Can you check this ? Let me know if it is unclear to you.