The prediction progress for item 1490/1576 has failed, and there is no corresponding error message recorded in the log

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@aicrowd_team Could you help me take a look at it?

@gaozhanfire : We have posted the relevant error on the issue page. Your model does not respect the 15s timelimit for certain samples in the test set.

@gaozhanfire I have the same problem as you, did you find the reason?

@kehan_yin: We’ve updated your issue with the error message on the AIcrowd platform here.

If your code successfully passes the validation phase but encounters a sudden stop during the test phase, the issue typically falls into one of the following categories:

  1. Prediction Time Limit Exceeded: Each sample’s prediction time exceeded the maximum allowed duration of 15 seconds.

  2. Total Runtime Limit Exceeded: The entire test phase runtime went beyond the allocated time limit for the specific track, detailed in the table below:

    Track Name Challenge ID Phase 1 Time Limit
    Understanding Shopping Concepts amazon-kdd-cup-24-understanding-shopping-concepts 140 minutes
    Shopping Knowledge Reasoning amazon-kdd-cup-24-shopping-knowledge-reasoning 40 minutes
    User Behavior Alignment amazon-kdd-cup-24-user-behavior-alignment 60 minutes
    Multi-Lingual Abilities amazon-kdd-cup-24-multi-lingual-abilities 60 minutes
    All-Around amazon-kdd-cup-24-all-around 300 minutes (5 hours)
  3. CUDA Out of Memory (OOM) Error: The process ran out of memory on the CUDA-enabled devices.