The mistakes in the dataset

Hello, I would like to ask about some of the issues with the dataset - after loading it again for further data inspection and noticing stark contrasts in the sizes of the masks in some of the photos, we noticed that some of them are possibly displaced - not covering the face or any part of it -
and really small, where the other ones are considerably distorted. The issue persists in all three parts of the dataset, but we may have not identified all of the problematic photos. In the test dataset, some of them are:

Hi @anna_mrukwa

Thank you for your keen observation and for letting us know!

We will try our best to reduce these noise in future Blitz puzzles.

However, since the number of bad samples here is low and because the ongoing AI Blitz 13 is about to end, we think it would not be wise to update the dataset at this point.
Thank you again for reporting.


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