The leaf - wicked drums file from musdb18 has the electric guitar playing on it

i just found out that the drums file from the musdb18 song Leaf - Wicked has the electric guitar on it. The electric guitar starts at 2:20

i will share if i find anymore


@kimberley_jensen Thanks a lot for letting us now - I just listened to it and the guitar is wrongly mixed into drums.

@faroit Do you already have a Errata list? If not, then we should start one and add it to the MUSDB repository such that we can keep it up-to-date. There are also three more issues on the Discord channel.

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@StefanUhlich @kimberley_jensen okay, i will start an errata list here:

and will invite you there.


@kimberley_jensen I started here:

feel free to add more things in the PR