The error of have not qualified for this round.?

I just tried a submission for round 1, but I get the failed for:
Submission failed: You have not qualified for this round. Please review the challenge rules at
I have got points in the warm-up, why can’t I participate in the round 1 of submission?

Hello @RDL_lms

We do not have any minimum requirements to participate in round 1. This seems to have happened due to a config issue on our end. Can you try submitting again?

I tried again. But it still failed.

I also cannot submit…

I got the same problem…

Hello all,

The issue is fixed, and you should be able to make submissions now. We requeued the failed submissions. In case you made multiple submissions to get the submission to work and want to cancel a submission (so that they don’t count towards the submission quota), please share the submission IDs that you want us to cancel.

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