The deadline of the challenge is confusing

In the title section, we can see that the deadline for the prediction is May 20, but the deadline for the challenge is July 15. Can we still submit to the public leaderboard and update our model in the middle of these two dates?


Hi @tsotfsk,

Predictions Submission
We will allow them till the end of the challenge, i.e., July 15 (and not only till May 20 – updated the deadline in the banner).

Code Submission
They will start on May 20 and have the same deadline, i.e., July 15.

Yes, you can update your model in the middle of these two dates.

NOTE: You have to make valid codebase submission before the deadline to be eligible for the prizes, and the scores generated by your code on the AIcrowd evaluation servers will be counted for the prizes leaderboard.

Please let us know in case you have any follow up questions.