The CLEAR100 Subtask is Now Open!

The CLEAR100 subtask is now open, which accounts for 75% of your final score on the leaderboard! We have updated the starter kit repo, remember to rebase it or have a new clone of it for CLEAR100 submission. There will be only two changes you need to make to submit to the CLEAR100 subtask instead of CLEAR10: (1) change the task key in aicrowd.json to clear100 , which ensures you are submitting to the right subtask; (2) change DATASET_NAME in so that your is using CLEAR100 to train and evaluate the models instead of using CLEAR10.While we are still actively solving the memory issue on the cluster (ETA by the end of this week), we strongly recommend you to first locally evaluate your models’ performance using . We will make an announcement as soon as the memory issue is gone after we change to a dedicated cluster for all the builds and evaluations.

Let us know if you meet any problem in the CLEAR100 subtask. Good luck!

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