That golden feature... were we supposed to have it?

As I was getting nowhere in improving my model, I went back and re-read the competition intro.

It says that the image we have were scored by an expert, on a rank from 0 to 5. :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Are we supposed to have this feature somewhere? I can feel that it has potential to be golden… :trophy:

Hidden in the ID field perhaps? :sweat_smile:


In any case, it would be interesting to compare the predictive power of our models, vs that single variable.


Hello @michael_bordeleau,
I think the feature is used to extract training labels, for example, it might be possible that the 0-5 scale feature is then scaled accordingly to 0-2 ( Normal, Pre-Alzheimers, post-Alzheimers) with some other data to get labels. It may be one of the reasons, i.e, fear of data leak in this competition. This is still my guess, I am not sure. Also thanks for your contributions, I learned a lot from your posts.