Test results submission

It seems that only file is allowed to be submitted each time, so should all nii.giz files be compressed as a single zip file for submission? Thanks.

Yes, the folder containing all nii.gz should be zipped before submission.

Hello, could I still submit test results now? Are there any requirements for uploaded zipped files? Why does “upload failed” always appear when I submit? Look forward to your reply, thanks!

How long does the data set approval process take? I waited for three days and still haven’t passed. Is there anything to pay attention to? look forward to your feedback, thanks!

Why is “Evaluation failed” always displayed when submitting test results? Is it the cause of the website? The result of my previous submission is still showing “Evaluation failed”. Is it a limit for the number of submissions? If so, how many times can each account be submitted? Look forward to your reply, thanks