Test file changed


I was trying to re-run an old submission that worked and it is now failing. When I check the test file in /shared_data/data/test_data_full the modified date is today at 8:59.

Can someone please explain why was it modified? I don’t think the test file should be modified during the competition.


Hi @carlos.cortes,

Can you tell the submission ID and where do you notice the above file? Do you mean in workspace?

I had some code that it was previously working and in the evaluation cluster is still working but if I try to run it with that “new” test file in my workspace is not working.

The submission I am talking about is AIcrowd Submission Received #28775. ( https://gitlab.aicrowd.com/carlos.cortes/dsai-challenge-solution/issues/88 )

Thanks a lot for your answer!

As you can see in the picture the new test file has some new columns that are breaking the format completely. I compared with the testing_phase2_release_small file and you can see that the extra columns are not there.

Yes, even better: it looks like some exclusion criteria strings spilled over into numeric columns (like decMinAge). Why is anyone even messing with the data?


Yes. Data messed up from row 62 & columns DecMinAge.

Can confirm. What should we do?

cc: @kelleni2, @satyakantipudi

Thanks for bringing this up - i am not sure what has happened but we have replaced it now with the original file and it should work now. Please test and let me know.
Appreciate your understanding!