Test case 532 evaluation problem

Dear all,

I would like to kindly ask you if you could make public the instance 532 from the first round test cases, please?

Our evaluation fails every time, unless we hard code to skip the instance. If we skip the instance, the rest of the evaluation succeeds, hence the problem is probably very specific.

We have not yet been provided with any logs for the error except for some error specification, which was unfortunately of no help.

Furthermore, we have locally evaluated over 10,000 setups, yet we have not found any problem with our solution.

Since the first round is not scored and environments for the next round are to be different, could you please help us by making the case public?

Thank you very much!

Hi @ryznefil

In order to allow for a fair competition we do not release any of the test environment used to score a submission.

We did however internally run a test on the said test levels to see if they are feasible. Our own algorithms are aible to solve those specific instances. We will also have a look to see why your submission failes at this specific level and provide you with the appropriate debugging infromation.

Hope this helps to even improve your great solution further :slight_smile: .

Best regards

The Flatland Team

@ryznefil: Look at your score on the leaderboard, looks like you managed to get past that test case :wink: ! Anything you would want to share with the rest of the participants ? :angel: !

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