Tentative Challenge Winners

Hello all,

Thank you for your participation in the Commonsense Persona-Grounded Dialogue Challenge. While we finalize the results through due diligence, we are pleased to announce the tentative winners for both tasks.

Task One: Commonsense Dialogue Response Generation Rank Prize
#1 @ni_kai_hua $15,000
#2 @wangzhiyu918 $7,000
#3 justsnail (@jiayu_liu, @kevin_yan) $3,000
Task Two: Commonsense Persona Knowledge Linking Rank Prize
#1 @biu_biu $5,000
#2 test_team (@wangxiao, @yiyang_zheng) $3,000
#3 @TieMoJi $2,000

Please note that these are tentative results. We will notify you once the final winners are confirmed after the due diligence process is complete.

Best regards,