Team Sizes

Hey, are the team sizes hard capped at 5 people? I have organised more people than that and we weren’t aware that was the limit until we went to make our team.

If the teams are capped at 5 people, are we allowed to make multiple teams but continue to collaborate across them? Also, are the teams flexible in terms of allowing people to be added/removed after creation or are they fixed?


We value collaboration in our community, and we encourage public collaboration between different teams.

The competition rules in particular do not allow private collaboration outside teams, as they have been used in the past by different participants to circumvent challenge specific submission limits, they have led to disputes around prize claims etc.

The team leader can remove or add people to the team.

And there is no strong reason for us to cap at 5, so we can discuss internally and increase the team size if it makes sense. How many team members do you wish to have in your team ?

Hi Dipam! I have organised a team of 6 people this year, would it be possible to increase the team size to that? Thanks!


We’ve increased the team size limit to 6. All the best for the challenge!

Thanks @dipam. I have quite a large interest from people - I’m expecting a team of a maximum of 13 people. But it may end up being smaller as people struggle to give time commitment etc.

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@curtis_irvine : We passed on your request to the CityLearn team, and they have agreed to increase the maximum team size to 15 members. However, this will be the final limit, as they believe any team larger than this size would be rather large for effective team work in context of a competition like this.

@mohanty that’s great. Thanks for your help!

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