Team merge deadline

Hello! I have one question, When is the last day to be able to invite people to my team?

Thank you


The deadline of team formation is the end of Phase 1, i.e. May 10th, because we will apply a cutoff at that point.

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Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

May 10th is the deadline to merge all team members? In other words, teams members can work solo, doing submissions, until the due date of May 10th? And to merge teams members is just use the “Invite Member” button in “My team” tab? Thanks

@giba I am not so sure whether it is OK to invite a team member that is already on another team (I suppose it won’t, but I will check).

You can just add team members with that ‘Invite Member’ button.

Confirming that one participant can only join 1 team through the course of the challenge.