Tags and Submissions

Hi @mohanty

It would be great if the tag used for submission was included somewhere within the submission - so as to know which build / issue belongs to which tag.

Also, it may be advisable to have @devops only process the last submitted tag. I push with a --tags and all tags were pushed. No idea what’s going on regarding issues that were created
This could end catastrophically for unsuspecting users, where they thought their last submission was their last tag, but in fact may not be so (I may be wrong).

And otherwise, it’s been interesting getting familiar with the platform, great work!

Best fortunes

Thanks for the feedback @TruthMaker , they are really helpful.
We will get back to you soon on this.


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@mohanty, cool. On that note, it may be useful for some form of mechanism to distinguish between the environment (docker) being built and the raw data. I tend to push just the data changes of my model, could save on cpu usage and build queue times when the server is busy.

Perhaps competition providers (or the platform guidelines) could structure a dedicated data folder, that when pushed to no building is done.

Realise it’s easier said than done :wink:

Best fortunes,

I received a suggestion to start a submission tag with a bang,