Submitting your kit: image_build_failed

I am trying to submit your submission template/kit and it is failing with " image_build_failed".
Please assist:
Thanks, Dmitry

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Hi @Dmitryakonovalov,

There were few packages causing the build failure and weren’t really required in environment.yml.

The starter kit has been fixed, you can clone it now for making a new submission.

Changes made are:

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Dear Dmitry,

Submission and Evaluation are not ready yet as we are still building the final “disclosed” test set.

Anyway, we are also working on a new version of a Submission Template to minimize issues with your Submissions.

Please stay tuned. We will release the test set and the New Submission Template soon.



Thank you for preparing a new submission template. Current template uses “round4_classes.csv” while it is now round5 (with some different set of snake-labels). Please confirm that your round5 training set of classes and classids will remain unchanged, i.e. I could proceed with training a model while waiting for the new submission template. Thanks, Dmitry

Good Morning, Dmitry,

I can confirm that the training set won’t be changed.