🧰 Submitting RLlib baselines

We provide two types of baselines for this challenge:

  • A simple DQN-based approach, which is now part of the starter kit: :card_index: repo, :blue_book: doc
  • Advanced methods such as Ape-X, CCPPO and IL using RLlib: :card_index: repo, :blue_book: doc

So far, it took some work to submit solutions trained with RLlib.

Thanks to the efforts of our partners Deutsche Bahn and Instadeep, you can now submit the CCPPO baseline out of the box: https://gitlab.aicrowd.com/GereonVienken/db_flatland_example

This RL method reaches a score of 76.232 on the leaderboard! :star_struck:

You should be able to use the same approach with the other RLlib baselines as well. Thanks to our partners and especially to @GereonVienken who contributed this baseline and submission repository!