Submit error vctrs::stop_subscript(), maybe related to fastDummies library


I would like to have more details or help for the following error:
“31. └─vctrs:::stop_subscript(…)”

I encountered it severals time, when submit (the error didn’t appear when run in the R Colab Notebook). See submission #111920. The only thing I changed from the previous submission which works is the addition of some dummies. I use the library fastDummies, maybe the problem came from this.
fastDummies::dummy_cols(remove_most_frequent_dummy = TRUE, remove_selected_columns = TRUE)

A second question I have, related to the section “Packages” in the notebook: do I have to comment it (as below), this way installations will not be executed during the submission, or do I have to let it (the submission will take more time)?

install_packages <- function() {


Hi @demarsylvain

Regarding the error, I think it may be coming from trying to create dummies for the vh_make_model column. This one is tricky because you will have categories in the leaderboard data that you may not have examples of in the test data. Does you model have the flexibility of handling data when you have categories of vh_make_model that are previously unseen?

About the packages section in the notebook. You should not comment it as the AIcrowd magic function at the end takes all you put in there and runs it to install the appropriate packages when we run your model.

If the installation speed is a hindrance, you might be able to just define the function and run the function definition cell, but comment out the function execution. We should still be able to gather that cell and run the code on our side. However, I suggest you experiment with this to see if it affects your saved models.

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