Submit a combined model instead of a single one

Hi @alfarzan
Quick question - which likely is related to our lack of knowledge. Currently, for the expected_claim you are asking a single model object. But what if we would like to have a frequency and a severity model? Is there any way to combine both into one model to be compliant to your upload requirements?

Yes, the easiest way to do this is to add your two models into a list or some sort and then save and load them in however you want by altering the save_model and load_model functions.

Then you can expand the list inside your predict_expected_claim and predict_premium functions in anyway you want :slight_smile:

thanks - do you have a basic example to share with us?

Yes we have the Logistic Regression Baseline model which employs a simple frequency model combined with a constant value severity model:

  1. Link to R colab notebook
  2. Link to Python notebook

LOL - but you changed the notebook compared to the first version :slight_smile: great!! we understood that it was only possible to return one model object, that a list was not supported … this makes our life easier! thanks!

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