Submissions getting timed out while being evaluated

Hey !

For some reason, submissions are getting timed out while being evaluated. I am trying to make the submission using the same format which i used before (which was successfully evaluated). As there is a very short time left before conclusion, kindly rectify the issue and let me know !

Thanks !

Hi @pwc,

Thanks for sharing, we have increased the resources for the challenge’s evaluation.
Your submission (#134090) which faced the issue has been re-evaluated and graded successfully now.

In case you face any issues again, do let us know.
Happy participating!

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Having a similar issue, approximately how long should it take to be evaluated? #134301

Hi @edwardahill,

Looks like you are referring to different challenge i.e. #addi-alzheimers-detection-challenge (please post in that discussion topic for any other queries you may have).

It looks like it got evaluated in 10 minutes, which is an ideal time for that challenge.

You can view the live status for your submission in this challenge by clicking the “View” button. It will tell you exactly in which phase it is running right now.

Happy participation! :smiley:


Thanks @shivam, seems I spoke to soon! Appreciate that :pray:

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