Submission with 500 Server Error

I’m not sure if we can submit between phases, but I catch this exception right after I pushed the tag:

Submission failed : 500 Server Error: INTERNAL SERVER ERROR for url:

@yilun_jin Could you please rerun it somehow?

I tried to resubmit it, and I get timeout issue. @yilun_jin could you take a look please?

We are also facing this issue, and I am also still waiting for the aicrowd folks. I will come back to you when it gets sorted out.

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So… Can we submit between phases? O we have to wait? Thank so much.

@fersebasIn You are not supposed to, but I actually don’t know what will happen if you do submit. Of course we (organizers) continue to submit to test the new system.

We are in the final stage of launching Phase 2. Please wait for a while.

@yilun_jin Great, thanks. Thank you, and I understand the effort. Thank you very much for this challenging competition.