Submission waiting in queue

Submission 203295 has been waiting in queue for hours. Do you have any information about the reason?

Thank you!


@dipam @kingsley_nweye

Could you please help us check that ? Thank you!

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+1 would be great if someone will check it asap so that we would have last 2 days of the competition available for submissions

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+1, I would appreciate it if you would check that, I have a submission waiting for 19 hours.

Hi @Kafka we are looking into this issue and will respond soon.

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@Kafka, I think the problem has been resolved. If you still have issues by the end of day, please let me know.

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@kingsley_nweye hi, just in case - it looks like the submission process is super slow (for eg my entry after the fix is already evaluating for 3 hours and is still not finished), + I see no updates on the leaderboard from any team. Is it expected ?

@tymur_prorochenko should be back to normal now.