Submission taking too long to evaluate

Hi @alfarzan can you take a look at submission 113508 please? Seems to be taking an awful lot of time to evaluate, not sure why or what, if anything, I can do to get around this.


I noticed the same thing as well. My submission is taking over 45 minutes to evaluate, although on my machine it runs in less than 1 minute! I suspect the server is overloaded.

Hi @navarunj

Can you try re-submitting it? We’ve just added some optimisations to try and help the internal docker images set-up faster so if you could resubmit that might have fixed it.

Hi, I also have this problem today. My 5 last submissions have been evaluating for up to 2 hours now, without success. Any idea?

Hi @Zidmie

We’re investigating this, please resubmit your models if the evaluation is taking more than 30min.
Or alternatively message me on discord or here and I can give you your full traceback while we are solving this issue :slight_smile:

Hi i am having the same issue, my submission Submission #114297 is taking forever.

Same thing here, submission 114248 Submitted yesterday evening. Still stuck

Hi all

It should all be fixed now, please re-submit any models that are stuck and they should run fast.

Apologies for the delays :slight_smile:

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It’s ok for me now, thanks a lot!


Submission is slow again… id 114409

Looks like submissions are getting slow again…

Same for me. The two submissions I tried today (one is #114626) never end, there are still evaluating after one hour.

Experiencing the same issue.

Also experiencing this issue