Submission stuck in Private test dataset

submission_hash : [804a565db37f47e2d4290075ecb15f0d10646c3d]

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It passed the validation while stuck in the 9th sample of private test and finally failed because of the evaluation timeout.

Hello, I have also encountered a similar problem. Do you know the reason

same problem here, many people encounter this problem

Me too. I don’t know why.

@aicrowd_team please help

Same question, AIcrowd

It’s been so long, does anyone know why? Is it because of inference timeout issue?@aicrowd_team

we are having the same problem , can you help please

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same problem, getting evaluation timed out

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Can you please help us figure out the problem? Thank you @aicrowd_team

Lots of my submissions are failing this way. I am never be able to evaluate my implementation. It starts private tests and got stuck after some time. Can you please help us @aicrowd_team, please?

On the main page it is written that a maximum of 10 seconds is given for one answer. Maybe due to excess?

  • Each example will have a time-out limit of 10 seconds. [TO BE TESTED WITH AICROWD SUBMISSION SYSTEM].

Some of my submissions are under 8 seconds on average but they have also got stuck. And when they get stuck they are failing some hours later.

I’ve spent days just for this issue which could have been spent on improving my solution. Unfortunately none of my rag solution passed the Private Test and all got stuck. @aicrowd_team please provide some solution or information on this issue.

Hello, it has been so long. Do you know how to solve this problem

@mc_liu Hello, I saw you have success submission. What change did you do to resolve this issue?