Submission problem

I’m trying to submit:
first, I had 3 failed submission - could not find the error description
then the kernel died and I restarted it since then the submission is hanging…
What could be the problem ?
Please help !

Hi @assan_sanogo,

Did you check the logs on your submissions page for failed submissions?

You can find it in “Submissions” tab of the challenge. Please let us know in case you face issue.

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I am not sure about this problem, I suspect higher memory usage?
Can you stop and start your notebook just to be sure?

@assan_sanogo you are running 2 jupyter-lab server i can see from the log, maybe you can stop 1 which is not required then you can try, but I am not sure.


Hi all!
thank you so much for all the inputs :slight_smile:
Thanks to the logs i was able to dig deeper.

However… now the kernel simply dies on me…
Any idea?
thanks in advance!