Submission Limits

I have a couple questions regarding submission limits. What are the best practices for figuring out when you can submit? I know there’s a hard 99 submission limit for the round but I’m also running into a daily limit and am finding myself wasting submissions only for it to fail and tell me to come back in a few hours to try again. This daily limit wasn’t clear in the competition documentation.

To go along with that, is there a way to retry previously failed submissions instead of pushing new tags?


More questions:
Does ‘5 submissions remaining’ refer to a daily limit? Is there a hard limit per round?

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bumping these questions on submission limits. Have you found the answer @tim_whitaker?

Yea @maraoz if you click on create submission on the aicrowd competition page (, it shows you how many submissions you have left for that day and when the next one is available. Also, I’m fairly sure that submissions failed due to not having any more submissions left don’t actually count towards your total submission number.


Thanks @tim_whitaker!!

@jyotish any ideas on why the link is not working anymore?