Submission limit?

I’m trying to find what is the submission limit in the website but that number is nowhere to be found. In the option “Create Submission” it appears that I have 5 left. Is this number the limit? Also if the submission failed does it count towards the tally?

@guti2 : You are allowed to make upto 5 submissions per day, and upto 2 failed submissions do not count towards this limit.

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Thanks for the answer. I’m having the following error “Submission failed : Invalid aicrowd.json : Unknown grader_id : 'neurips-2022-citylearn-challenge” do you know what is the correct grader_id?

@guti2 : Please check my response here : AIcrowd

You do not need to add a separate grader_id key to the aicrowd.json, the evaluators will identify the grader_id from the challenge_id

Thanks mohanty. I was just following this tutorial AIcrowd . However, i tried submitting according to response with no avail. I don’t know if I’m mistaken in the submission process.