Submission issue on google cloud platform

Hi, I’m using the google cloud platform and the JupyterLab it provides to run the starter-kit.
However, when submitting the results, it says “no jupyter server is found”.

I guess this is because of the different setting on Google Cloud Platform and the VM.
Is there a way to expose the submitting script so that I can modify it on my own?

Hi, can you please tell which specific puzzle you are having issues with ? We are looking into the issue however an another way you can make the submission is by wrapping up all necessary files in a zip file such such that the zip file contents tree looks something like this -
Using Docking ISS puzzle as an example
├── assets
│   └── submission.csv
└── original_notebook.ipynb
  • The original_notebook.ipynb is the notebook you used to train & make the predictions.
  • The submisison.csv contains the predictions of the puzzle ( the format can be different for different puzzles ).

After that you can simply submit the zip file by running
aicrowd submission create -c docking-iss -f YOUR_ZIP_FILE_PATH

I’m doing the Docking ISS exactly.
Thanks, I’ll try.

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