Submission failed

Hi @dipam , when I submit code I get error:

Submission failed : You have not qualified for this round. Please review the challenge rules at

Hashes of submissions: 5329e6fdac66554c9d9e4cbebad4310b5df12074

Could you help me with it?

@hussein_jawad : Can you please try re-submitting ? Sorry for the mixup.

@mohanty still didn’t work :frowning:

hash submission: 5329e6fdac66554c9d9e4cbebad4310b5df12074

It should work now. Sorry for the second mixup :angel: :crossed_fingers:

Hi @mohanty , still at the moment submission is not working for me, sorry for the many replies.

Hi @mohanty, I’m experiencing the same issue.
submission_hash : 973e0bfa7ccfbe80d5c2baff6594a08fce38c48e