Submission failed

my submission failed.
Could you please help me with it&

Hi @ieghor_borisov,

Can you share the !aicrowd [...] command?

And also the traceback at the end.


@shivam I follow this instruction: And install conda in /opt

Hello @ieghor_borisov

Can you share the outputs of the following commands?

jupyter-lab list
jupyter-notebook list

Hello, @jyotish



Hello @ieghor_borisov

Can you do the following and let us know if it worked?

  1. Close the existing jupyter lab servers by going to the terminal from which they were started and pressing ctrl + c key combination.
  2. Run rm -rf $(jupyter --runtime)/* in your terminal.
  3. Start jupyter lab again and try submitting the notebook.

It looks like your jupyter lab’s runtime directory is corrupted. This generally happens when the jupyter lab server doesn’t exit properly (for example force closing the terminal without stopping the server by pressing ctrl+c)

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@jyotish Thanks (it helps)!

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