Submission failed : No participant could be found for this username

@mohanty or @shivam2

I am trying to do a debug submission but I am getting this error all the time. I tried all possible combinations. The team is ai4good and both usernames have been added as members. What am I missing? Seems like the silliest thing ever.

    "challenge_id" : "snake-species-identification-challenge",
    "grader_id": "snake-species-identification-challenge",
    "authors" : ["gmacia", "zachary_mueller"],
    "description" : "Round 4 Competition Submission",
    "debug" : "true"

Hi @gloria_macia_munoz,

Sorry for the error, we are working on syncing usernames on change in AIcrowd to Gitlab & Discourse.

This happened because you renamed your username to gloria_macia_munoz, while remained older one on Gitlab (as we aren’t syncing them properly right now, it is being fixed).

I have renamed your username on Gitlab now and you should be able to make new submission.

NOTE: Your repository path would have changed too accordingly, though Gitlab redirect properly so you wouldn’t face any issue due to it.

Let me know in case you still face issue in making submission.

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