Submission failed: No participant could be found for this username

Hi, I’m following the instruction in the flatland-challenge-starter-kit to make a submission, but every time I push a new tag starting with “submission-” the submission fails with this error:

Submission failed : No participant could be found for this username

How can I solve it?

Since there seemed to be a problem with my username, I decided to try deleting my account from Settings > Account > Delete Account.
Instead of removing my account and logging me off, my account has been reset and my username changed from @devid_farinelli to @misterdev (my usual nickname around the internet).
Now the submission doesn’t fail, but I don’t know what happened :man_shrugging:

Hi @devid_farinelli,

You are correct, the first issue started happening because of username change on AIcrowd website. Unfortunately, the sync in AIcrowd username with Gitlab isn’t perfect right now and your username remain to older username, causing weird issue earlier. After the fix you did by deleting your account, things are working as expected.

Your newer submission failed because you are using library version 2.1.4 while the server is expecting 2.1.6. Please feel free to update your version.

We do post logs frequently to all failed submissions, but there can be delays. Hence, let me introduce debug=True flag which will be helpful to you in cases like this. You will be able to view all of your logs without @aicrowd-bot involvement and remain unblocked.

Wish you luck with the competition. :smiley:

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Great! Thanks a lot for all the information, really helpful :slight_smile: