Submission Errors


@mohanty @shivam @arjun_nemani
I can’t quite find any logs available for my failed submission.

Request you to kindly share the logs

I see many submissions of other participants also failing. In case of an issue in submission do we just message the organisers to get the logs or is there any other way.


@nilabha: can you please pull in the latest changes from the main starter kit

Also, if you are using environment.yaml for packaging your software runtime, please delete the Dockerfile at the root of your repo. That is the main cause of your submission failing at the moment. Sorry for the confusion.


Hi Mohanty

Thanks for the reply. I submitted some new submissions after committing but somehow they are not getting submitted for evaluation.
For example:

Can you let me know what is the problem?




@nilabha: We had a small outage yesterday, and some of the evaluations were affected including yours. The same has been resolved now.

Your submission was re queued, and there was still an error in the image build, where certain packages were not found on Conda for linux :

  - m2w64-gcc-libs-core=5.3.0
  - m2w64-gcc-libgfortran=5.3.0
  - win_inet_pton=1.1.0
  - m2w64-gcc-libs=5.3.0
  - vs2015_runtime=14.15.26706
  - m2w64-gmp=6.1.0
  - winpty=0.4.3
  - msys2-conda-epoch=20160418
  - icc_rt=2019.0.0
  - m2w64-libwinpthread-git=
  - vc=14.1
  - pywinpty=0.5.5
  - pyreadline=2.1
  - wincertstore=0.2