Submission error

NameError: Error scoring, check if the submission is in correct format, all predictions are present and valid

the column name are same and coordinates are in float… is the label “japonicus/koreicus” correct?

but an order of the image is different from the sample submission. Please help me in fixing the submission issue.

Hi @sabari_nathan
Do you still need help with the submission? I have seen that you managed to make a successful submission today in the morning.

Mosquito Alert Challenge Team

yeah. I solved the issue.

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can you please share how you resolved the issue?

Hello, I have same problem, could you help me fix this?
Thank you

I have the same issue. Can anyone help me how to solve this?

My problem came from the mismatch between length of my csv file and number of test samples.
You can check it because some image has no box but we have to keep it in csv file.
Make sure length of csv file = number of test samples