Submission Error with Baselines Repo included

Hallo Flatland Community,

I am having issues with submitting my solutions. The agent-logs tell me that it cannot find the file, though I am certain that it is directly in the root repository as in the starter-kit.

2020-08-14T15:36:12.382859691Z chmod: cannot access ‘/home/aicrowd/’: No such file or directory
2020-08-14T15:36:12.383451401Z bash: line 6: /home/aicrowd/ No such file or directory

I used the starter-kit as base and included the baselines repository into it. However, I am not using any of it yet, as I was just trying to submit.

The local evaluation using the redis-server is working fine, even using my own model. The image build is successful.

The aicrowd-subcontractor-logs are throwing a ‘Timed Out’ error, but I do not think this is the issue, as it happens right away at the beginning.

Are there any other files / things that could interfere with the setup and prevent finding the as the entrypoint?

Thank you very much for your help.

Hey @fabianpieroth, could you point us to a Gitlab issue where this problem occurs?

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Hi @fabianpieroth,

The entrypoint for our evaluations is /home/aicrowd/, given you are using custom Dockerfile it may not be taking care of it.

Can you put in your user as aicrowd in Dockerfile & accordingly moving files to /home/aicrowd/?

Here is an example Dockerfile which contains how to:

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@fabianpieroth, I also realized you are just using conda & pip environments and nothing fancy in Dockerfile right now. You can simply specify those configuration files & ignore using Dockerfile. We automatically take care installation of those - with the help of repo2docker.

Read about it here:

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Thank you for the immediate response! I disabled the Dockerfile to test my submission and it is working fine now.
I will use your example Dockerfile in the future to make the submissions. Thank you again, that solved my issue right away! :slight_smile:

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