Submission Error : 'DATASET_PATH' not recognised as an internal or external command

Please, let me know if I am making any mistakes.


maybe there is a typo error in AICROWD_DATASET_PATH

Hey, I am facing this issue as well in windows VM, how did you solve this?

Hello @jigsaw

Can you try this?

Thanks Jyotish, but it didn’t work, just printed “env: DATASET_PATH=Z:/validation.csv” and got stuck like before. Please help me.

Hello @jigsaw

Can you share any output that you might have got after running the command? Do you see something like

[NbConvertApp] Executing notebook with kernel: python

when you run the command?

It just prints “env: DATASET_PATH=Z:/validation.csv” and the cell gets stuck in run mode, I have waited for pretty long times, but nothing happens. I have checked my submissions as well, just one submission shows which I made yesterday from linux VM.

Also, now my workbench doesn’t start as well. It just keeps on refreshing that page on itself repeatedly without opening.

The workspace issue got resolved. But the submission problem is still there. Please help.

Hi @jigsaw,

Shared the solution over DM.