Submission Duration

I am trying to make a submission from a starter notebook shared here. The latest message available yesterday was “Executing Notebook with Kernel” and it did not finished. Today, I am facing the same.

Can anyone suggest on the time it took them to submit a simple starter notebook (with no models deployed)?

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I have the same problem. I also want to know how to deal with it.

I did restarted the kernel several times, a starter notebook got submitted in ~30 mins post restarting.

Hello @prachi_nagpal, @no_name_no_data

Are you facing this issue after making a submission (the notebook runs fine, you get a link to the new submission and you see this in the submission logs) or before it (not able to submit to AIcrowd)?

@jyotish - The below cell runs indefinitely at most times …

aicrowd notebook submit
–challenge addi-alzheimers-detection-challenge

Hello @prachi_nagpal

We run your notebook locally before submitting it to AIcrowd. If the cell is taking too long or fails to run, there is a very good chance for it to fail during evaluation as well.

If you want to submit skipping the local run, you can add --no-verify flag to aicrowd notebook submit command.

If you want to see what exactly is going wrong here,

There should be two notebooks that get executed

  1. install.ipynb
  2. predict.ipynb.

You can see the name of the notebook that is getting executing from the cell output.

If the cell gets stuck when running install.ipynb, it means that the installation commands you specified at the top of the notebook are causing this issue.

If it’s predict.ipynb that is causing this issue, please re-check the inference code for any blocking calls.

Another useful thing here would be to check if the headings in the notebook are not mistyped. For more information on this, please refer this post.