Submission done -- Inference time is too high!

Hi Team,

Can you please check this.


This was an issue from our side and has been resolved now. Your previous submission has been re queued and will be graded in a few minutes.


Hello Sir,

I have been attempting to make a submission for a whole day now and I keep facing jupyter NotebookNotFound error during the submission. Please help me make a submission, I have created a post for it as well.


could we please at least get an a week or 2 week extension since most of our submissions were taking hours to almost a day before they could be graded

Hi @e_t,

Can you share the submission ID where you faced the issue?
We are not seeing any delay or submission queue as of now in this challenge.

my notebook has been running for almost an hour now waiting to be submitted

Well, it looks like they all got pumped through.

Hello @e_t

The submission command runs your notebook locally once (without the training cells) before submitting it to AIcrowd. This generally should help you find errors in the notebook and avoid wasting your daily submission quota.

You can add --no-verify flag to aicrowd notebook submit command to skip the local evaluation and directly submit your notebook to AIcrowd.

my network was giving me a problem

@nrad Can you please chcek this?

Hi @e_t,

We are investigatng your problem. I’ll send you an update soon.


Hi @e_t,

This problem is fixed. I checked and you have access to the shared drive now.