Submission Dir Structure/Files

Hi all, new to all this and trying to make my first submission. Have made it through the starter kit, trained an agent using dopamine and now have a local repository with the 5 latest checkpoints, the env, etc… I’m wondering exactly what needs to make it up to the Gitlab repository I created and how it is ideally structured. For instance, on my local machine, the checkpoints are in a dopamine/tmp/dopamine directory - I’m guessing only the last checkpoint is required, but that folder contains a lot of other files (.meta.index, sum_tree, store_reward) etc…

Currently hitting the issue regarding “pack exceeds maximum size” and understand I have to use git-lfs to solve that, but I’m pretty fuzzy on how these things all work together and am hoping someone can clarify/point me to some info that might explain the submission process better for someone new to this.


I had problems with Git LFS working and I just followed this guide and created an entirely new repo on gitlab and the large files uploaded.

The problem I’m currently running into is the actual folder structure of the submission to correctly execute.

I am currently receiving an error during submission:

2019-04-28T16:27:12.67245541Z bash: /home/aicrowd/ No such file or directory

So should we have the file in:

<.your project root folder.>/home/aicrowd/

Or is home regarded the same as root?:

<.your project root folder.>/aicrowd/

I copied in both places and the same error is being thrown, so I’m not sure what to try next.

Putting everything in the root of your project repo is the way to go. I overthought it. The steps they list are confusing, just put in the most top part of your repository

Thanks, appreciate it. I almost got the git-lfs working - but I get a notice that the remote host closes a few hundred MB before the checkpoint file finishes and when it does I then get an access error (it’s 4.6GB). Did you happen to run into that problem too?

Yes. I run into that problem too, even using Tower to push, which solved my initial LFS problems. I’m not sure how to push. This is the error I JUST got once again:

Pushing to
Connection to closed by remote host.
batch response: Authentication required: Authorization error:
Check that you have proper access to the repository
error: failed to push some refs to ‘’