Submission Compute Time Limits

The competition readme states that we are given 8 million timesteps and 2 hours worth of compute. I’ve found myself go a bit over the 2 hour limit a couple times on accident. I’m wondering if this 2 hour limit will be enforced in the next rounds of the competition? If it is enforced, will it be enforced at the submission level (i.e. will aicrowd stop training automatically after 2 hours) or is it on us to enforce the 2 hour limit somehow through our configuration? Or is the 2 hour compute not a hard requirement like the 8M timesteps is?

Hi @tim_whitaker,

The total execution timeout is 2 hours and is enforced in warm up round too.
Please let us know the submission ID in which you noticed execution for >2 hours, and we can have a look into it.

Meanwhile, only reason why it could have been >2 hours is because we use preemptable resources and don’t consider new resource provision time (time from stop to resume) in the 2 hours timeout which may be displayed wrongly on Gitlab issue.

Sure thing, thanks for the response. I see in my most recent submission #68496 in the gitlab issue that “Time Elapsed: 2 hours 56 minutes 11 seconds”. Seems like a lot of extra time for resource provision, but maybe that’s normal.